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Hackers schmackers

What an inopportune moment to get hacked... day 4 of the world championships! As you probably have noticed, our website has been down for all of last night and most of today, but we are now back up and running with a new and far more secure setup. We got hacked folks. Don't know if it was the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans or Obama, but someone managed to get in and visitors started getting all sorts of annoying ads popping up.

Well no more of that! No, Sir!

At about 23:00 on 27 June 2017 our users began reporting annoying ads appearing on the website. After a quick analysis, it was determined that we had been hacked. The hack only affected users on mobile devices and our data was still intact. The decision was made the suspend the website with immediate effect and work began to restore services as fast as possible. We suspect the vulnerability came from our template, which, despite being the latest version, showed a catastrophic flaw. A new template was sourced, hence the new look, and content was repopulated onto the website. Our server is encrypted and runs the latest version of our CMS with all the latest patches, plugins and modules installed, but on this occasion it was not enough and we fell victim of this cyber crime. There is no evidence to suggest that any personal details have been compromised and as we do not carry out any transactions on our website, there was no financial loss to anyone. We sincerely apologise for any and all inconvenience caused by the downtime of our website. In a rush to get started, we're going live with English only first, but Swedish will not be far behind.

Anyway - welcome to our new website! We'll continue to monitor the situation, but all evidence would suggest that the problem is now solved and we can concentrate on the rest of the World Championship games in Bratislava!

Our review of the hack

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