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Swedish Championchip comming up this wee…

The Sweidish Championchip will be played till weekend in Husby, Stockholm participating teams...

access_time 05:13AM 14 juni 2018

Finland v Sweden SF Highlights

access_time 09:40AM 01 juli 2017

Sweden v Slovakia Highlights

access_time 12:12PM 30 juni 2017

Om förbundet

Here goes the history and explanation of SIHF på svenska.

access_time 07:58PM 28 juni 2017

Finland v Sweden Highlights

access_time 01:42PM 28 juni 2017

Sweden v Germany Highlights

access_time 01:45PM 26 juni 2017

Sweden v Czech Highlights

access_time 01:48PM 25 juni 2017